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Forex trading charts help a trader to analyze the market trends and have become a necessity to succeed in the field of Forex trading. There are three types of charts generally used- line charts, bar charts and the candle stick charts. This post covers various aspects related to Forex charts and some effective tips that will help you to analyze these charts.

Line charts are quite easy to understand as they consist of a single line that represents price action in time. Bar charts and candle stick charts are used to represent complex information like high and low in a given time period.

At the top of every chart details like currency pairs and time frame is mentioned. Currency pair consists of two different currencies like EUR/USD and USD/JPY. For instance, suppose at the top of chart currency pair is mentioned as EUR/USD it means that the chart uses these two currencies as base.

Time frame also varies

Time frame also varies from chart to chart and can range from minutes to weeks. These time frames are associated with different trading styles. For instance, the scalpers use 5 minute charts while day traders utilize the 15 minute charts.

Each candle consists of a central body and a upper or lower wick. The starting point of the body represents the opening price while the end point represents the closing price.

forex charts

The opening and closing price

The color of the body can be used to interpret the details related to the opening and closing price. For instance, red color is used for lower closing price while higher closing price is represented by blue or green color.

You should always remember that the charts are meant to analyze the trends and do not depict an exact information. This is because there are many other factors that affect the currency movements.

For instance, you cannot judge the impact of political factors through these charts. I hope this post helped you to learn the basics of Forex trading charts.

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Forex trading charts are the fundamental tool in the forex trading market. It is one kind of graph of a currency pair operation over a particular period of time.

Watching and reading forex trading charts is important to the forex trader’s market. Therefore it is necessary to understand about forex charts. All the charts are labeled with the currency pair like USD/GBP, EUR/USD and more.

Forex trading charts deals with various countries currency in exchange of another. The EUR/USD chart will show you about the euro and the U.S dollar to compare. The chart also says how you can buy one currency with that of another currency. The timeline will be seen in the bottom of the forex chart.

Right side of the forex chart

It may show, an hour, day or week or half an hour etc. On the right side of the forex chart, incremental amount will be seen. As taken as example EUR/USD charts, the amount will be 1.2531 and it may raise about 1.2561. The first amount will be seen at the bottom line and the latter will be seen at the top and in the middle you can see the position of EUR/USD.

The trading charts are very useful for the forex traders while trading because they show the performance of each currency pair. You can also look about the currency weakness and its strength and by getting this news you can trade easily. Selecting the right time assist you to view minor market condition like half an hour period and long time for about many days.

You can see forex charts at many websites. To use the advantage of forex charts, you have to buy some kind of forex trading software. Forex trading has gaining its popularity among many people all over the world. Any people who are interested to earn money from the home can choose forex trading business. But they should not forget to use forex charts which are very important in forex trading to know about the market conditions.

Forex charts offers

Forex charts offers to get some idea about market movements. For the new trader it may be hard to read the forex charts, he can follow some tips to understand forex charts. The chart will have trend lines providing structure of the forex market. A line which moves on the downside tells the decreased trade and upward line says increased trade.

Only on seeing these lines decision on trading will be taken by the traders. It also has time frames like lone and short for the higher traders and small traders. The term which is faced by the traders in the market is spread. It is the difference between bid and the cost quoted.

Watching chart and making points and taking notes can assist to make good decision. Candlestick bars are availed to show the price movements. Candle’s thick part shows the opening and closing cost of the specific currency in that particular time. People who are operating day trading can use the charts for about 3 to 4 hours will be useful to identify the market trend. By using the forex trading charts, one can make good profits in forex trading.

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