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There are several online forex trading blog sites that one can visit, prior to entering the forex market, in order to read about one's experiences, and how they trade in this foreign market.

Most of the online forex sites are run by other traders, or professionals (such as brokers), who will give an insight and information about what it takes to trade in the forex market.

As this market is extremely different than NYSE or NASDAQ, these sites are generally going to target those coming from those markets, for them to learn what is required to trade on that market.

Depending on the blog site and writer, information about the stocks, the companies, the foreign market in general, currency rates and currency exchange rates, and all other information about the forex market, in order for those who plan on entering the market, to learn what is required to trade in the forex market.

Forex blog

It is extremely different than local US markets

Since it is extremely different than local US markets, those who plan on trading in forex, should read as many forex trading blog sites and posts as possible, in order for them to learn the market and learn what it requires to trade in that market.

When choosing which forex sites to read, making sure they are professional bloggers and professional traders in forex, is of extreme importance, in order to ensure the information written in the forex blog sites is accurate.

Whether you have traded in forex in the past, or are a first time trader (or planning on becoming a first time trader), you will find that reading several blog sites prior to trading in the market, is extremely valuable for one to do, so that they can gain a basic understanding of that market and its requirements (if you really want to earn big in the market).

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